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Make Money with Affiliate Program

Host in Cheap is not only for the peoples who need web hosting but also for them who are interested in earning money. It’s our work to provide service and manage it while all you need to do is suggest Host in Cheap to the people who need web hosting and earn money. Isn’t that easy ?
So if you are interested in Host in Cheap’s Affiliate Program, Follow the given steps below to become an Affiliate Member and Start Earning Today :

Step 1) Sign Up at Host in Cheap

You first need to make an account on Host in Cheap. It will be easy for you to keep track of your link , referrals and your income inside the account itself.
CLICK HERE to get redirected into the Register Page.

Make sure that all the details that you provide while registering is genuine. If you provide fake details then your “Account along with your IP Address” can be banned.

Step 2) Become an Affiliate Member

So after you register an account, You need to click “Affiliate” Tab on the navigation bar as shown on the picture below. People who have already bought web hosting services from us can also be an Affiliate Member.

After Clicking the “Affiliate” Tab from the navigation bar, you’ll be asked to Activate the Affiliate Account. So, Click on “Activate Affiliate Account” to become an Affiliate Member of Host in Cheap.

Step 3) Start Earning with Host in Cheap

So now you are an affiliate member at Host in Cheap and now you can start making money. With Affiliate Link you can keep track of number of clicks, signups, orders and your income.

After you meet the minimum requirement of $25, you can withdraw the money in your PayPal Account or as an Account Credit. You can also withdraw money on the monthly basis as shown on the picture.

After you withdraw, the money will be sent to your PayPal Account or as an Account Credit. Our Payment Team will also contact you to confirm your payment option and email where you will get paid.

**If You Are Facing Any Problem Then OPEN TICKET On Our PAYMENT DEPARTMENT where Your Queries / Problems Will Be Replied / Solved By Our Support Team As Soon As Possible**

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